Hi! I’m Divya

I am the coffee-loving, multi-passionate, perpetual learner, and writer behind the scenes of Smile and a Coffee. I’m a mom to 2 amazing kids, a wife to a wonderful husband, and a program manager at my day job. As a lover of all things organization, decor, and DIY, I document my journey of creating a beautiful home and a wonderful life here.

When we built our beautiful ranch home a few years ago, although I wanted to get it all pretty and organized, I got very busy at work that had a long commute. Add to it a few health issues and surgeries, our home quickly became a hot mess and stayed that way even after I got better and switched jobs.

I started Smile and a Coffee to share my journey with you, as I organize and decorate our home. Here, you can find tips on:

Home Organization

I have always been passionate about planning and creating organizational systems that are practical and functional. Be it events or projects, I get excited. Labels and checklists are my thing!

I use my project/program management, organization, planning and super mom (mom yes, super?? 🤔) skills to tackle every project, big or small, at home and in life.

In this space, I share practical tips and simple ideas to not just organize your home but maintain it in a way that simplifies your life so that you get to do and enjoy more of what you want.


Decorating and styling spaces have always fascinated me, but I never considered myself skilled at that. I am happy to be proven wrong! J

I have come to learn that creativity, like any other skill, can be learned, and here I share a lot of ways to create a beautiful home that reflects your personality and brings you joy!

I truly believe that your home should be a reflection of your unique style and the things that make you happy!


DIY is an area that I ventured into not too long ago, but I was immediately hooked! The thrill of building something with your own hands and watching it come to life is a joy like no other! I used to be terrified of power tools, but now I can confidently say, they excite me.

Honestly, I have Instagram to thank for it. When I started Smile and a Coffee and created an account on Instagram, I met so many inspiring women in the DIY niche which got me picking up power tools and building things. You can follow me on Instagram here.

It’s definitely not as hard as you think and brings about a huge sense of accomplishment. If a simple South Indian girl like me who never dreamt of DIY can do this, so can you! 

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with a ton of DIYs here, ranging from spray painting dollar store pumpkins to full room transformations.

I know I already mentioned that I am from South India, but want to add that I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Bangalore, India. I now live in the sunny state of Florida in a gorgeous ranch home. Thank you so much for being here and if you are looking for inspiration to revamp your own home, you might find a unique idea or two as you watch organize, and decorate my home, one post at a time.

So, arm yourself with a smile and a coffee (or any drink of your choice!) and join me on my journey. It’ll be a lot of fun! 🙂


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