How to Make a Beautiful DIY Diwali Decor – Floral Diya Hoops

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This post is about DIY Diwali Decor. Create beautiful Diwali wall decor at home with easy-to-find products and give your home a cheerful and festive look

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Diwali or Deepavali, the festival of lights is one of the biggest Indian festivals. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil and is celebrated worldwide by getting together with loved ones, lighting lamps, decorating the home, eating various festive delicacies, and last but not least, fireworks!

Every year, my family and I decorate our home for Diwali and this year is no exception. Sometimes, I use store-bought decorations and sometimes I DIY them. This year, most of my Diwali decor has been something I created myself and I am sharing one of my creations in this post.

It’s a mini Diwali wreath that enhances the beauty of any wall and gives it that festive feel with an oomph!


Here is the list of materials needed for this project:

Floral hoop, felt roses in 3 shades of pink, cardstock and twine


The first step in the process is to attach the flowers to the hoop.

Add a tiny bead of hot glue to the back of the rose and stick it to the floral hoop. Repeat this step until you get the desired arrangement of flowers and leaves on the hoop. Create as many hoops as you want.

Adding hot glue to a pick felt rose

I wanted the floral arrangement to cover just one part of the hoop like a crescent. So I started with the darkest shade among the roses and moved to the lighter, and then the lightest shade. I finished the arrangement with the darkest shade.

sticking felt roses to a gold metal floral hoop

In order to create the look I wanted, I used 4 dark pink roses and 3 of the lighter and lightest pink roses for each hoop. I added 3 sets of leaves, 2 at either end and one somewhere in the middle. in addition to the leaves, I added 2 pieces of baby breath flowers in between the flowers for some added glam.

Adding leaves to a floral hoop wreath

For the look I was going for, I created 5 hoops in total.

Gold metal hoop with pink roses, baby breath and leaves


Since this is Diwali DIY decor, it’s incomplete without a Diya (lamp). So this is the second step in our process.

Trace a small diya on pink cardstock and a slightly bigger diya on gold cardstock and stick them together.

I freehanded the smaller diya shape on the paper., cut it out, traced it on the same sheet, and drew the bigger diya shape around what I traced and cut that one out too.

Diya shapes on paper
Diya shapes and cutouts on paper

Once the cutouts were ready, I traced 5 smaller diyas on pink cardstock and 5 bigger diyas on gold cardstock and cut the shapes out.

Tracing diya shape on pink cardstock
Tracing diya shape on cardstock

Regular glue does not do well for sticking the pink diya onto the gold diya because of the glitter. So I ended up using hot glue to stick the small diya onto the larger one.

Pink and gold diya cutouts


While putting together the hoop and the diyas would have looked good, I wanted to give it something extra and so I decided to make pearl strings with roses at the bottom.

Step 3 of our Diwali DIY decor is to make pearl strings with roses at the bottom.

For this, I threaded a needle and added 10 pearls and then a rose at the end. I tied a knot at the end so that the pearls and rose are secure.

stringing pearls to thread
pearl string

I made 5 strings for each shade of rose and that brought the total number to 15 pearl strings.

String felt rose to a thread
pearl and rose strings


We need something to hang our decor, don’t we?

Create a tiny loop with gold twine and attach the diyas to the twine so that the diyas can be attached to the hoop and the hoop can be hung.

I took a strand of twine, folded it in half, and knotted it about half an inch away from the fold to create a tiny loop. I then hot-glued the ends of the twine behind the diyas I created earlier.

Knot on a piece of gold twine

Now all of our pieces are assembled. The next step, bring it all together


Now that we have everything we need all that is left is to put everything together.

Attach the gold twine with the diyas to the hoop.

Remember, we created a tiny loop by tying a knot. I put a tiny bead of hot glue on that knot and stuck it to the top of the hoop in a way that our floral arrangement on the hoop is to the side.

Sticking diya cutout to gold twine

Now attach the pearl strings to the hoop.

I used a bead of hot glue to stick the pearl strings to the hoop. I off-centered the strings in such a way that they were on the opposite side of the hoop as the flowers.

attaching pearl string to gold metal floral hoop

This created a nice balance between the flowers and pearls strings and gave a beautiful effect to the whole thing.

Floral gold metal hoop with felt roses, pearl strings and diya cutouts

Our beautiful Diwali DIY wall decor is ready. Hang it wherever your heart wishes. I hung it over the dining nook in our living room. It’s now the highlight of the room, and turned an otherwise boring wall into a feature wall!

Hope you have enjoyed this post and are inspired to recreate it. If you do recreate this, don’t forget to share it with me.

Let me know your questions and comments below. If you like this post, check out the following post on easy fall decor


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