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Are you a fan of family command centers? I know I am. Family command centers are a great way to get the entire family organized. As a lover of everything organization, I often find myself ogling at pictures of beautiful family command centers on Pinterest. Aren’t they super neat? They make you feel like you’ve got all your family affairs under control.

As I much I loved them in the pictures, I myself hadn’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. After a couple of missed appointments, delayed school projects, and the endless search for keys, pens, and scissors (we have 6 pairs of scissors, but can never find one when we need it!), I decided that my family desperately needed a family command center.

So, I went hunting on the internet for inspiration and rounded up a bunch of family command centers that are not just amazing, but super inspiring! Oh, by the way, if you don’t already know what a family command center is (highly unlikely, I know!), let me tell you.


A family command center is a space you create in your home, where the entire family can see and access it. It can be useful in simplifying your family’s day to day, helping you keep track of:

  • Schedules
  • Papers (Bills, Receipts, Mail etc.,)
  • Schoolwork
  • Keys
  • Stationery
  • Glasses

The list is not limited to the above. You pick what works best for your family.

Now that you know what a family command center is, let me share the gems I found. If you are looking to set one up in your own home, I am sure you will find something that inspires you in the below list. Some of them are a few years old I think, but still applicable and functional in 2020.

1. The Homes I have made

Don’t you just love how lively and colorful this command center is? All the yellow in it is so cheerful. It just makes me happy, just as the huge sign on it says.

Image Source: The Homes I Have Made

2. Beneath My Heart

The name says it all. This Giant command center provides ample space for everything that you want to organize or note down everything. Love that it is a chalkboard!

Image source: Beneath My Heart

3. The 36th Avenue

If a school station is what you are looking for in a family command center, this is what you need! The bright colors will make kids want to get organized and finish all their homework 🙂

Image source: The 36th Avenue

4. See Vanessa Craft

Another one with yellow 🙂 The addition of the frames in contrasting colors makes it so adorable!

Image source: See Vanessa Craft

5. Everyday Confetti

This one is simple and elegant, yet super functional. It’s also compact and perfect for tiny spaces.

Image source: Everyday Confetti

6. Unoriginal Mom

I love how this family command center combines storage, meal planning and paper management all into one super organized space.

Image source: Unoriginal mom

7. One Creative Housewife

A classic black and white command center. It’s amazing how class and function have been brought together in this one

Image source: One Creative Housewife

8. Not Just A Housewife

Here, the transformation of that tiny wall into something functional and usable is so cute! The frames add a nice flair to the space

Image source: Not Just A Housewife

9. Lily Pad Cottage

I love multi-functional spaces and this is a great example! It combines the utility of a laundry room with the functionality of a family command center.

Image source: Lily Pad Cottage

10. Just a Girl

It’s amazing how a small cabinet and nook have been transformed into a super functional and organized command center here. Not to mention, the color is so pleasing.

Image source: Just A Girl

11. Jenna Burger Design

This family command center wall is another great example of a tiny space well utilized. The mason jars to hold stationery is a nice touch

Image source: Jenna Burger Design

12. I am Momma Hear me Roar

The rustic simplicity of this board is awesome! The family in the middle is super cute 🙂

Image source: I am Momma Hear me Roar

13. Just a Girl and her blog

I don’t think Abby can go wrong with anything organization. I love the simple aesthetic in her command center. It makes for a great entryway.

Image source: Just a Girl And Her Blog

14. How to nest for less

The white boards and white stationery holders is so appealing. I especially love how the stationery holders have been wall mounted.

Image source: How to Nest For Less

15. Clean and Scentsible

This simple, elegant and cute family command center board right next to the kitchen make it so usable and functional. The combination of the desk, decor and command center is super neat!

Image source: Clean and Scentsible

16. The Happy Housie

The color on this one! I just love how everything in this family command center nook is so beautiful and appealing. The stool and file cabinet are such a nice touch.

Image source: The Happy Housie

17. At Charlotte’s House

This one is a proper kitchen command center. I love the pattern on the wall and all the neat little decor additions to this command center wall. the fabric covered cork board is so nice.

Image source: At Charlotte’s House

18. Lemon Lime Adventures

Is there anything missing in this family command center layout? I don’t think so 🙂 It has everything to get organized. The marker box right in the middle is super cute

Image source: Lemon Lime Adventures

19. Simply September

Another simple, classic, elegant, yet functional family command center. The photos on the boards add a nice fun and personal touch to the whole arrangement.

Image source: Simply September

20. The Turquoise Home

The wood tomes combined with a wee bit of color makes this family command center so beautiful. It’s a perfect combination of rustic and modern.

Image source: The Turquoise Home

21. Shanty 2 Chic

This tiny, but functional command center is so cute. It’s a DIY project and all the details on how to make it are on the post. If DIY is your thing, be sure to check it out.

Image source: Shanty 2 Chic

22. Hi Sugar Plum

This family command center corner is super neat. I love the utilization of space in this one. The greenery at the bottom add to the overall appeal

Image source: Hi Sugar Plum

23. The Simply Organized Home

Not too sure if this can be classified as family command center, but it’s too cute to not be called one. If minimal is your style, then it probably won’t get better than this 🙂

Image source: The Simply Organized Home

There you go! Let me know which one you liked the best.

If you want to check out the family command center I created with all the inspiration I got from this list, head on over to my post on How to Setup a Family Command Center.

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