I’m Divya

I am the coffee-loving, multi-passionate, perpetual learner, and writer behind the scenes of Smile and a Coffee. I’m a mom to 2 amazing kids, a wife to a wonderful husband, and a program manager at my day job. As a lover of all things organization, decor, and DIY, I document my journey of creating a beautiful home and a wonderful life here.

Grab a Freebie!

Do you want to become a DIYer, but don’t know where to start?
You’ve come to the right place!
I have a FREE guide that will help you get started with DIY. It will help you understand why DIY is excellent, has 9 great tips for beginners, and lists a few beginner-friendly projects to get you started

If you have a cluttered home or you’re busy, organizing can seem daunting. I can help you! 

I have a FREE guide to help you start organizing when you’re completely overwhelmed. It will provide you with 9 starting points to start organizing. Pick one that suits you best and get going!

How We Do It


Both our interior design + professional organizing process begin with an assessment phase where look at your home in its entirety 


This is where all the work happens. Using all that we’ve discovered + the gameplan we’ve outlined together during our assessment phase


This is where all the magic happens + everything comes to life. It’s after living with + using them when we tweak or make any adjustments to the new organizing systems we’ve created together

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