Beautiful and Serene Pooja Room – Accent Wall with Wood Trim

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Create an accent wall with wood trim for a beautiful and rich Pooja room (prayer room) makeover during the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge

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We are in the second week of the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge and for this week, I created a beautiful green accent wall with gold wood trim.

If you aren’t familiar with what the One Room Challenge (ORC) is, it’s a biannual interior design event hosted by Linda at Calling it Home. There are 20 featured designers and others with a blog or an Instagram account can participate as a guest. Everyone gets 8 weeks to makeover a room of their choice and share their progress weekly.

You can see all the featured designers here and all the guest participants here.

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The first step in creating an accent wall in the room is to decide which wall should be an accent wall.

In my case, the wall against which the idols of deities will be kept is right opposite the door and that’s the wall you see as soon as you enter the room! Therefore, I decided to make that an accent wall!

Accent wall colors are very much a personal choice. in this case, as I had shared in my last post, I want a unique color for the accent wall that represents the rich Indian culture. 


That’s why I chose to go with a green accent wall. My inspiration comes from simple green glass bangles worn by women in India.

In order to find the perfect Green for this project, I headed over to the store with green glass bangles in hand

The bangles helped me pick the closest colors and the colors I shortlisted are:

  • Potter’s Shed
  • Vegas Green

Both of them are by Sherwin Williams.

Although I was leaning towards Potter’s Shed, I couldn’t really make up my mind and so I polled my followers on Instagram.

They came back with the same choice as mine – Potter’s Shed!


The next step is to paint the wall to take it from a boring gray wall to an interesting feature wall!

Since I am painting a dark color on a light wall, I decided to skip priming the wall, but I primed the baseboard because I wanted to paint it in the same green as the wall.

I taped using this painter’s tape right on the floor instead of above the baseboard since the baseboard is getting painted too.

I primed the baseboard using this primer and this one is my go-to primer for most of my projects when it involves painting laminate or wood.

Then I painted around all the edges using this angled brush. An angled brush makes it easy to cut lines neatly at the edges.

Cutting a paint line with an angled brush

For painting the rest of the wall I used this roller and tray.

Painting the wall using a pint roller

I painted 2 coats on the wall and 3 on the baseboard and my accent wall was done!

Green painted wall

Here is what it looks like!


The color on the wall is simply gorgeous. It’s rich and soothing at the same time.

Although it looks great with just paint, I decided to make it pop more. Instead of creating just a painted accent wall, I decided to create an accent wall with wood trim!

Since the themes in the Pooja Room project are green, gold and wood tones, gold trim for the accent wall seemed like an excellent choice. Wouldn’t you agree?

This chair rail molding is my first choice as it’s both simple and elegant, but does add the pop I am looking for.

simple wood chair rail molding

I think I made the right choice because as you will see soon, the scale of the trim seems just perfect for the wall. Although I came up with many wood trim accent wall ideas, I chose to keep it simple – 3 boxes

A large box in the middle and 2 smaller boxes on the sides.

Based on the measurements I took, I added pieces of tape to visualize where the molding would go.

Green wall with painters tape to mark where the trim should go

The center box is 6ft and 3 inches wide. I took measurements fr it from the center of the wall. 

For the remaining two boxes, I measured 3 inches from the edge of the middlebox and 3 inches from the edge of the wall and added tape.

Pieces of gold wood trim placed against a green accent wall

I made sure that I accounted for the outlet in the wall and ensured that it doesn’t interfere with the trim.


Although the next logical step would be to cut the pieces of the trip, I decided to paint them first.

Painting it ahead of cutting and installation makes it easier as I don’t have to worry about

  • Painting at cut edges properly
  • Extensive taping and painting the wall as the trim are a different color.

I painted all the trim pieces first by doing a base coat in yellow and then adding 2 coats of this gold paint using this awesome brush. The brush I used is the best for detail work and curved surfaces such as this trim!

Bottles of yellow and gold paint
Wood trim or chair rail molding painted yellow
Painting chair rail molding in gold color
Wood trim or chair rail molding painted gold

Once I had all my pieces painted, I made 45-degree miter cuts using this miter saw according to the measurements I had taken previously.

chair rail molding trim cut at angle of 45 degrees

I then used this brad nailer to nail the pieces to wall the wall.

gold trim nailed to a green accent wall


Once the trim was nailed, the most tedious part of project trim began!

I used this spackle to fill all the nail holes. Spackle doesn’t require as much sanding as a wood filler. You can practically wipe it off.

filling the nails holes on gold trim molding using wood filler

If you ever have a project where you have to fill a lot of nail holes and you’re going to paint the project, then go with spackle instead of wood filler. I am sure you will thank me 😊

The spackle that I used goes on pink and turns white when dry. Once the spackle dried, I lightly sanded where I needed to. I then used this gold paint to touch up over the spackle.


For this project, I did not use liquid nails to secure the trim. If I ever have to change the accent wall design or decide to take the trim out, the drywall can get damaged. That’s definitely not what we want. Instead, I decided to use caulk/sealant to hold the trim in place. 

If I ever need to remove the trim, all I have to do is score the caulk with a utility knife and pull it out. Then I’d just have to fill the nails holes in the drywall with spackle as opposed to repairing it.

Although all of this seems simple, I had a minor challenge. The accent wall and trim are different in color. Most of the caulk you get in stores is white or clear. After a bit of research, I found this sealant which can be tinted using paint to get the color you want. I was thrilled.

Color match sealant that can be tinted to any color

I decided to add gold paint to the sealant to match the trim and it worked beautifully! All I had to do was mix a little bit of paint with the sealant. The kit came with a syringe to add the right amount of paint and clear instructions on how to mix.

I taped up around the trim to get a clean caulk line and all to ensure that I don’t get the gold caulk on the green wall. This step is a bit time-consuming but totally worth it! 

Accent wall with wood trim with painters tape around the trim

I applied a bead of caulk, wiped it with a baby wipe to ensure that it gets under the trim. This will seal it well to the wall. While the caulk is still wet, I pulled the tape. The result is a smooth and clean caulk line that perfectly matched the trim.

Caulking the gold wood trim molding
wiping excess caulk from gold trim using a baby wipe
removing tape around gold trim molding on an accent wall after caulking
Gold trim molding on green accent wall with gold caulk


All that is left now is to take a step back and enjoy this gorgeous accent wall! Here is what the accent wall with wood trim looks like with the beautiful green and rich gold colors. I love it!

Green accent wall gold wood trim molding

Hope you like it as much as I do.

Do let me know what you think of the accent wall. Do let me know what you think of the design. Follow me on Instagram for more detailed and day-to-day updates on the progress. 


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